safety plan


If you’re in an abusive relationship, a personalised safety plan can help you work out your options and evaluate them. It can also help to limit the harm you and any children experience while living with your abuser.

Your personalised safety plan

The more you plan, the safer you’ll be. In fact, a thorough escape plan could save your life. Make sure you have somewhere safe to go while you complete your safety plan and keep it hidden somewhere where it cannot be found (with a friend or family member if necessary).

Telling your partner you’re leaving might put you and you children at increased risk, so put your plans in place and contact us if you need help to move out or get away: 0300 123 5101 (or 01270 250390 if you’re calling from another area).


Download your safety plan

You can download your personalised safety plan here.

Remember, the only person responsible for abuse is the abuser. You didn’t cause this. It’s not your fault. Have a look at our self-help tools section for more tips about moving forward. Or visit our services to find out how we can help. You’re not alone.