our vision, goals & values

We’re an ambitious domestic abuse charity and our success lies in the strength of our vision, our core goals and in the values held by everyone at My CWA.


our vision

Here at My CWA, we have a clear vision: a healthy community where adults and children can live free from the fear of domestic abuse.


Our goals

In order to achieve this ambitious vision, we work tirelessly towards three core goals:

YOU: [People]

We work with the whole family. We support the personal journey of everyone affected by domestic abuse, focusing on individual needs.

US: [Organisation]

We promise to continually improve the quality of our services.

EVERYONE: [Partnerships]

We work collaboratively through various partnerships to improve outcomes for local families. The families we support are closely involved with our work, new developments and future focus.


our values


Our values here at My CWA are reflected in everything do – our work, our plans and our approach. The following behaviours demonstrate how we create a culture that is supportive, satisfying and successful:


We’re trustworthy and we operate with honesty and integrity. We trust the experiences of survivors and children. And we trust our staff to do a great job.


We respect the experiences of survivors and children. We listen and involve them at all levels. We respect ourselves, our volunteers, colleagues, partners and supporters.


We have the courage to try new approaches. We share our successes and learn from our mistakes.


To find out more about the work we do here at My CWA, please have a read of our about section.

For more about how we can help you – or if you have a friend or relative that has been affected by domestic abuse – visit our get help pages.